15 September 2008

Monday, Monday...

Well... it's Monday. Again. And today, I am officially 20-13 and 354 days old. Tomorrow is my 20-14th birthday, and there is no one here to celebrate it with me. Mr. Snicklebutt is in Arizona on his way to California and then hopefully home, and the children are too young to do anything about a birthday.

Birthdays growing up were never really a big issue at our home. My most memorable was the birthday that my parents decided we were going to celebrate the way the Irish supposedly do and the birthday person was to hand out gifts to everyone instead of receiving gifts. I was the only one that they did that for. I'm not sure if I was a selfish child - I like to think that I WASN'T, but... the things parents will do to teach their children.

My second most memorable was my first year at college. Happened to be that I was so incredibly sick that I spent all day in bed wishing that I was home with Mom's chicken noodle soup. At midnight I called Alaska to let everyone know that I wasn't waiting any longer for them to call to wish me a happy birthday. It took an hour for them to call me back. AND to compound the terrible day, the box that the family was sending for my birthday was extremely late. I think I got it for my brother's birthday.

I told Mr. Snicklebutt that it wasn't really a big deal that he was going to be gone for the big 20-14; but the more I think about it, the more certain I am that I lied. It would be nice to just spend the day with him and to wake up to him telling me that he's glad I'm there with him. BUT... oh well. Instead, I get to spend the day baking my own birthday cake, making pearple (cross between apple and pear) sauce, taking care of children, cleaning the house, trying to get life organized enough to teach a class for Enrichment (of which this is my first one as the leader, and my entire committee has bailed...) SO..................

This sounds like an incredible pity party. Maybe it is. Don't we all have days when we just want to sound pitiful in the hopes that someone else is having a rotten day as well and we can be rotten together? Not really. But it sounded good.

I will admit that having a birthday sure beats the alternative... at least from my perspective.

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