26 January 2009

Starting Over...

Starting Over... for the third time.

For the past three months I have been without a computer. During this time, I thought about what I wanted to say on this blog. I even almost wrote some of those ideas down! Unfortunately for me, I did not.

What comes to mind now is an event that happened just before the Motherboard went out on "The Beast" (our original computer). Even though it happened in November, I still feel that it applies today. It's called: "Five Kernels".

The Snicklebutt family has a marvelous tradition at Thanksgiving time. After we stuff ourselves with the traditional Turkey and homemade stuffing complete with Pumpking pie, Apple Pie and whatever other delicious desserts are on the table; and after the left over mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and yams are put away; the dishes are cleared and the family gathers in the living room - because if we sit at the table for one more minute we are absolutely going to burst... and please, don't put that plate of pie right there - it's in front of me, and I have a fork.

Once in the Living Room, we pass around the unpopped popcorn. We call it, Five Kernels. Each person in attendance takes five kernels of corn, and then the tears start. What is it about having corn in our hands that makes us cry? It's the thought of all that has happened over the past year for which we are grateful. I submit to you that I am nearly always the first to cry, and that all of the participants mention at some point how grateful they are for their families.

This past year I have had much to be grateful for.
1. I am grateful that we live on a farm. Having hogs and chickens and beef on the hoof has helped immensely with our budget. I love seeing all those little brown eggs in the refrigerator and knowing that I can get some of our pork out of the freezer and not have to worry about shopping for meat at the grocery store. We have been richly blessed.
2. I am grateful for our Children. They help me to put things into perspective. As hard as it is for me to see my littlest grow up (he's crawling and has teeth already... today he decided that he was ready to tackle climbing the stairs - he's 6.5 months old...) still, I am thankful that they keep me on my toes and keep things in perspective.
3. I love our wood stove. Despite the rumors circulating that our house is always cold - it isn't - this stove that we have right now does a wonderful job at keeping the house warm. Even the "cold corner" is fairly warm in the morning.

The list goes on. As this new year is just starting (already, where has the time gone???), I am ever more grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. No matter where I am or what I may be feeling - He is always there.

Sunday I was sitting in Ward Conference listening to the speaker - and wallowing in my loneliness - when I was suddenly reminded of so many who are truly my friends. I am richly blessed. Not just in friendship - when I feel alone (even surrounded as I was by others), I know that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me. Several months ago, Mr. Snicklebutt made the comment that even if no one else wanted to be my friend, he would ALWAYS be there for me. He made this comment when I was feeling sorry for myself. I am truly blessed to have a spouse who feels my needs and does his best to help me fulfill ALL of my desires.

And now, since this is the New Year and I am notorious for making and breaking resolutions, I have decided to add to my post a few of my resolutions.

1. I resolve to do better at posting my thoughts - not because I think that I'm all that and a bag of chips too, but because writing is theraputic for me, and I find that I am better able to let all my stress out when I put my thoughts down in some form or another.
2. I resolve to actually accomplish my goals: read the Book of Mormon before July, lose 15 lbs before March, read one non-fiction book each month... stick to my budget and to the menu; not just to the idea of a budget.

I would also like to sincerely apologize for not posting for the past few months. I lost a computer and had no desire to go to the Library to share my thoughts. We now are the proud(?) owners of a laptop which should help me to be a little better at staying on top of things. And, as soon as the other computer is up and running, I'll truly be able to be on top of things.

Thank you for continuing to follow... if there are things that you want to read about, please send me a comment!