08 September 2008

A Monday Moment

What was your WORST, really embarassing moment???

Well that would have to be wetting my pants in the seventh grade. I was in Ms. Fuller's science class and had finished my test early. Unfortunately, I had also had a lot to drink, and had neglected to take the time to go to the bathroom. Also unfortunate - when I went to ask Ms. Fuller if I could go to the bathroom because I had already turned in my test and I REALLY needed to go, she told me no. So... I sat back down and did the potty dance in my chair.

I can still picture it. That's how traumatized I was. I'm sure no one else remembers that I wet my pants as a seventh grader, but I remember. I was sitting three rows from the back. Philip Jensen sat next to me and Carmelita Laska sat behind me. I don't remember who sat with her. I do remember that our table was on the right hand side of the room, and it was next to the sink. I can even smell the room still if I think about it hard enough - a little like formaldhyde and chocolate. Kind of sweet, yet stinky. And not quite sterile. Not quite that hospital smell...

At any rate - a few minutes passed, and without me meaning to - I mean really. Who ever means to wet their pants when they're in the seventh grade? I certainly didn't. I was mortified to find that I was all of a sudden sitting in a puddle, and there wasn't even a drink around that I could blame it on. Philip was nice enough to get up and get me some paper towels. As soon as the bell rang, I BOOKED it out of class with my notebook covering my rear and what I hoped was all of the wet spot. I went home in my P.E. clothes.

I will be eternally grateful to those who sat around me for NEVER mentioning to a soul that I had wet my pants in Ms. Fuller's science class. It could have made for a humiliating story passed around the entire school. I think that all of those sitting with me knew that it could have been them, and that's the reason that it wasn't passed around. I would LIKE to think that it's because they all liked and respected me, but this was Jr. High, and I don't flatter myself - even if it WAS the truth. Carmelita became one of my better friends in high school - Philip just became one of the class clowns and we got along. Still... only a true friend never tells a soul that you wet your pants when you were in the seventh grade. Thanks Philip.

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