27 May 2010

I'm Back...

I had to take a short and totally unexpected break. See, our computer got terribly ill, and I didn't want two things to happen: 1 - I didn't want to share the virus. 2 - I didn't want whomever had invaded my computer to have access to my information. One of those backdoor things. So... We took the computer to the computer doctor, and three days later, it came back.

Needless to say, one would think that I'd have tons of fodder to post about, but I don't.

I will tell you what's coming up though:

- A book review on a book that I JUST finished: I just have to gather my thoughts about how I felt about it.

- My thoughts on home-schooling and why we are going to continue on that path.

- A recipe that sounds really great: I'm trying it on my family for dinner tonight - You'll get the dinner review.

- Along with that - I'll post my thoughts and ideas on how to get a picky eater (we just got one of those at our house after 4 years of NOT being picky...) to eat. Starvation is a thought, but not really an option.

So... rather than waste any more of your precious time, I'll share my thoughts on ONE of those topics... tomorrow.

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