02 November 2008

Are you living a Celestial Life???

Two or three weeks ago, Mr. Snicklebutt asked me if I thought I was living a Celestial Life.

I still don't know what to think. My immediate answer was... "No." I mean, really. What does it mean to live a Celestial Life? Am I perfect when it comes to reading the scriptures? No. Do I write in my Journal every day? No. Do I have food storage? Yes. Do I go to church on a regular basis? Yes. Am I a basically good person? Only when I'm alone or with someone; and then only on days that end with "Y"... Do I keep the commandments? Yes.

So why would I have difficulty answering "yes" to the question of "Do you think you're living a Celestial Life?" when I am following the most basic of the basics to a near perfect "t"? Let me explain. First off - the term "Celestial" conjures up in my mind visions of perfection. I'm so far away from perfection, that I often feel that I most certainly will NOT catch up. Therefore, from that angle, I am NOT living a Celestial life.

If I look at a Celestial Life as one in which I would open my doors freely to Christ or Heavenly Father and allow them total access to my home and my life - I think I'd still have to say no. I'm not the greatest housekeeper, and I'd be mortified if they saw the true nature of the Craft Room and all her dirtiness. If I can look past that and look only to the good things in my life, then I do feel that I'm living a celestial life. For the most part.

Makes you think though - doesn't it?!

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